Insights Listening to the real voice of the customer on Twitter

Twitter provides a unique opportunity to better understand your customers and their needs.

Insights How British Telecom is leveraging Twitter data

The value of social intelligence to a large organization and its place within modern market research.

Insights Survey fatigue is real, insight from Twitter can help

How Twitter data insights can complement and improve surveys

Insights Listen here SMBs, you can't afford not to

By focusing on social media listening, you can better understand your customers and ultimately build loyalty while identifying new opportunities to serve them.

Insights The state of social intelligence: 2020 year in review

As we wrap up 2020, what are the main trends driving the awareness and adoption of social intelligence today?

Insights Supporting policy change and service reform through Twitter data

Analyzing the public conversations on Twitter helped the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions better understand the voice of their customer, accelerating product improvements and inspiring new ideas

Insights Lockdown 2020 - what social data can tell us about what’s next

The unprompted, in the moment nature of Twitter can provide a more accurate view of consumers’ true beliefs than traditional qualitative research methodologies such as surveys or focus groups.

Insights The journey to social intelligence

Most organizations using social media data fall into one of three stages of maturity. Find out your organization’s social intelligence maturity.

Insights Why business IQ is not enough in the era of the relationship economy

Welcome to the relationship economy - where customer experiences and brand loyalty (business EQ) reign supreme.

Insights Is 2020 the year of prediction?

In today’s constantly accelerating hyper-competitive environment it’s never been more crucial to be the first mover. Those who can best predict the future will win. But where to start?

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