Company Expanding access beyond information operations

Information on the Twitter Moderation Research Consortium.

Company An update on our work around the 2020 US Elections

#Election2020 has been unprecedented — resulting in the highest voter turnout rate in 50 years and record levels of election-related conversation on Twitter. This conversation and our work to prot

Company Additional steps we're taking ahead of the 2020 US Election

We're announcing additional, significant product and enforcement updates that will increase context and encourage more thoughtful consideration before Tweets are amplified.

Company Protecting and supporting journalists during COVID-19

All around the world, we’ve seen our service connecting people with authoritative health information. That work can only be successful if people have access to the news and information they need.

Company Key data and insights from our 14th Twitter Transparency Report

Key Data and Insights From Our 14th Twitter Transparency Report

Company Enabling further research of information operations on Twitter

Twitter is releasing all the accounts and related content associated with potential information operations that we have found on our service since 2016.

Company Creating new policies together

To improve the health of public conversations, we want to address the impact dehumanizing language can have on off-platform behavior

Company Measuring healthy conversation

Announcing the teams we will work with to create health metrics for Twitter

Company Setting the record straight on shadow banning

We do not shadow ban. And we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology.

Company Confidence in follower counts

We're introducing a change to ensure accurate and meaningful follower counts.

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