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Yoel Roth


Head of Site Integrity, Twitter

Company Information operations on Twitter: principles, process, and disclosure

Information operations on Twitter: principles, process, and new disclosures

Company Empowering further research of potential information operations

We are adding five new account sets we found based on continued contextual and semantic analysis from our investigations teams, one of the core components in our effort to protect Twitter's integrity.

Company Enabling further research of information operations on Twitter

Twitter is releasing all the accounts and related content associated with potential information operations that we have found on our service since 2016.

Company An update on our elections integrity work

We are committed to improving the health of the public conversation on Twitter and protecting the integrity of elections is an essential part of that mission.

Company How Twitter is fighting spam and malicious automation

One of the most important parts of our focus on improving the health of conversations on Twitter is ensuring people have access to credible, relevant, and high-quality information on Twitter.