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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Twitter wants to empower every eligible person to vote in the 2020 US election, and we’re focused on helping people register, better understand the voting process during COVID-19 including early voting options, and feel informed about the choices on their ballot. While nine in ten daily Twitter users say they plan to vote in the upcoming US elections, over half say they still need more information about the candidates on their ballot and how to vote in 2020.*

As elections occur around the world, we’ve seen Twitter serve as the centralized hub for real-time political conversation, resources and breaking news. But we also know that at times it can be hard to quickly find the reliable news and accurate information people need in order to meet registration deadlines and participate confidently.

That’s why we’ve banned political ads, expanded our policies around election misinformation, and are adding context to Tweets with labels for candidates, government and state-affiliated media accounts, and notices on Tweets with manipulated media. Trends now include additional context, Search results about voter registration lead with official sources, and people can report Tweets with deliberately misleading election information. 

With just under 50 days to go until election day and when many Americans are already facing registration deadlines and preparing for early voting, we’re launching our 2020 US election hub to make it simpler for people to find accurate information and resources on Twitter.

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People in the United States will see the hub at the top of their Explore tab which will include:

  • News in both English and Spanish in the form of Twitter Moments created by reputable news outlets themselves, or by Twitter’s Curation team.
  • Live streams of major election events like debates.
  • A tool that shows candidates for US House, US Senate, and governor with an Election Label in your state.
  • Localized news and resources by state.

And in a first for Twitter, the hub will also include a series of voter education public service announcements (PSAs) created using information from nonpartisan government and voting advocacy organizations. The PSAs will run on Twitter all the way to election day, providing factual information on topics like voter registration, how to request an absentee ballot, and tips on staying healthy while voting during the pandemic.

The first PSA is already live here in English and Spanish, and if people want to subscribe to this series, they can Like or Retweet this Tweet in order to receive them via in-app notifications.

There’s more work to be done on voter empowerment during this election, so stay tuned for more from us here and from @TwitterGov.

*Twitter/Ipsos national study, Aug. 2020


This post is unavailable
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