Our continued work to protect your privacy and security

We’re committed to keeping you informed on our work to protect your privacy and the data you share with Twitter. Today we’re sharing an update on recent improvements to our internal processes, teams, and infrastructure so you understand the continued investment we’re making in protecting the security and privacy of the people who use our service around the world.  

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Launching a new Data Governance Committee

To strengthen the implementation of our privacy and security policies and standards, we’re establishing an internal Data Governance Committee (DGC). This committee will ensure we are making consistent and balanced decisions around how we use and protect your data. The Committee will oversee all decisions to collect, maintain, use, disclose, or provide access to customer data internally. They will also review and approve updates to our Privacy Policy, ensure that teams are adhering to those policies, and make the decisions on what is and is not acceptable use of your data. 

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Infusing security and privacy into everything we build 

Keeping your data secure and respecting your privacy will always be ongoing work for us. In collaboration with teams across Twitter and external partners, some of our most recent efforts include:

  • Expanding the privacy and security reviews conducted before a product or service can be launched to include a mandatory assessment of our Software Development lifecycle;
  • Revamping our proactive internal audits of systems and services to ensure that they happen more frequently; 
  • Expanding our privacy and security teams; and
  • Providing annual reports from our CISO and CPO to our full Board of Directors to drive awareness, alignment and accountability on privacy and security.

This work builds on our efforts to improve the security of our internal tools and systems which includes strengthening our access management processes and authentication systems for support tools, improving our detection and monitoring capabilities, and investing in additional penetration testing and scenario planning to help secure Twitter from a range of possible threats. It also goes hand in hand with our ongoing work to tackle technical debt and build security and privacy into everything we launch.

We believe that, ultimately, this work and these changes will keep the data you trust us with secure and private. 

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What’s next

Twitter’s commitment to strengthening our privacy and security practices continues to expand and is a top priority for the company. While much of the work we’re doing in this space is not visible on Twitter, we will continue to communicate about these efforts. 

With transparency and accountability as the backbone of this work, we’ll share lessons learned and update you on the latest work to protect your privacy and security on Twitter.


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Damien Kieran


Chief Privacy Officer


Rinki Sethi


Chief Information Security Officer

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