Season 2 of I Wish I Knew, a @TwitterResearch Podcast

Monday, 6 December 2021

We’re excited to announce Season 2 of I Wish I Knew, a @TwitterResearch podcast.

Each episode is presented by a different pair of hosts who share their journeys into their respective fields, discuss how Twitter’s Research team is elevating conversations across the company, and celebrate the people and culture surrounding the work. This season, we’re joined by several special co-hosts from across Twitter’s Design and Product teams and a tech policy advocate in the academic community. 

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Season 2 premieres with four brand new episodes:

I Wish I Knew... How Twitter Designs and Researches In Public
Hosted by @Mr_DannySingh, Staff Experience Researcher, and @mayagpatterson, Sr. Staff Product Designer.

I Wish I Knew... How to Do Fast, Impactful Research
Hosted by @anniemollie, Manager, Experience Research, and @isabellaturch, Sr. Product Manager.

I Wish I Knew... How to Make the Transition From Academia
Hosted by @DrJazzWalker, Experience Researcher II, and @AlisaValentin, Tech Policy Advocate.

I Wish I Knew... The Impact of Global Research
Hosted by @tokyo_agnes, Experience Researcher, and @velofemme, Sr. Experience Researcher.

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