#PressFreedom 2017

By Colin Crowell

Today we celebrate journalism and the importance of #pressfreedom in elevating public discourse, illuminating issues of civic importance, and speaking truth to power.

Over the course of the past 48 hours we’ve participated in and hosted events to celebrate journalism worldwide and the bravery of those that continue to practice their vital vocation in what are increasingly precarious circumstances in many parts of the world. Today, in particular, we’ve been enlivened by the use of our platform by reporters, news organisations and journalism NGOs to amplify the importance of a free press.

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The significance of what our media do everyday cannot be overstated; they are our eyes and ears in the pursuit of truth and the disseminators of the stories that define our world. They make sense of the intersecting threads that bind communities together and hold a light up to the noblest and darkest facets of our humanity. From the citizen reporter bringing grassroots events to mainstream attention, to the global newsroom presenting a bird’s-eye view of the shifting sands of geopolitics and beyond - we stand with you.

Thank you for continuing to use Twitter to tell stories. Your work is vital now more than ever. Check out the Moment below for a sample of some of the activities we were engaged in to celebrate #pressfreedom and the wider conversation that’s taking place across hundreds of thousands of Twitter accounts worldwide:

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