Introducing #Fuel, here to power your next creative campaign

By Stacy Minero
Thursday, 19 October 2017

Our Brand Strategy team partners with top Twitter clients to create experiences that deliver outsized attention and impact on the platform. We’ve focused on this mission for several years — helping best-in-class brands drive impactful experiences at scale. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded the team to support even more brands with a new arm offering end-to-end creative consulting and support, #Fuel.

Brands want to move at the speed of culture, and this team is designed to address that need. #Fuel is an agile, rapid-response hub that responds quickly to creative briefs. The team develops content strategy to help set the strategic foundation, builds creative ideas to drive participation with brands, and drives video editing to help assets work harder in the feed. We’ve worked on more than 100 campaigns over the past few months with early brand partners.

Content strategy
Twitter is the first place people go to see what’s happening and what’s being talked about. They come leaned in with a discovery mindset, and that offers marketers a critical moment of receptivity. According to research from IPG, video ads in a curated social feed like Twitter are perceived to be more relevant and less intrusive than similarly skippable units on other platforms. Video ads on Twitter are also found to be almost 2X as memorable when compared to the same ads on other premium sites.

The #Fuel team helps brands develop their content strategy to connect with consumers and drive business impact. In Twitter Planning Studios, strategists work with brand partners to map moments of receptivity, develop content pillars, and apply creative best practices that earn attention in the fast-moving feed.


Creative ideas
While consumers skip uninteresting ads, they don’t skip experiences. Twitter is unique in that brands can create experiences that enable participation and drive conversation. The #Fuel team helps brands realize their creative potential through Twitter products like conversational video, chatbots, and auto-response campaigns that deliver custom content.

Additionally, the #Fuel team is helping brand partners develop their live-stream strategy. We worked with Converse to strengthen how they connect with their consumers, Generation Z. Leveraging the power of video on Twitter, Converse delivered original content from Miley Cyrus and Maisie Williams through its new mixtape-inspired series, “Public Access.”

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Video optimization
“Feed-first” is inspired by the notion that the legacy way of creating TV ads does not translate to a model where people are scrolling through Tweets on their mobile phones. Marketers have to break through the clutter by engineering content that creates “stopping power” and maximizes impact. Research with Omnicom showed that a 15-second ad on Twitter is just as effective as a 30-second ad on TV for stimulating a memory response. 

Video ads are Twitter’s top-selling format, but not every advertiser has the time, resources, or insights to create Twitter-specific ads. In response, we rolled out #Fuel’s editing services to optimize creative without losing impact for Twitter In-Stream Video Ads, Promoted Video, and ads that run in live-streaming. This service can also be leveraged in conjunction with Twitter’s research team for performance analytics. To date, early results show lift in brand metrics performing above benchmarks.

Bank of America leveraged #Fuel's editing service for a new campaign:

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We recently worked with the #Fuel team for our “Pay Back a Friend Day” campaign, and were impressed by the speed and quality of the work. When we observed consumers and small businesses engaging with the campaign on Twitter, the Fuel team worked side by side with us to create high quality, Tweetable content optimized to create engagement in the feed in under an hour. Like Twitter, this team is fast.

Kelly Fredrickson

creative, brand & advertising executive at Bank of America

With Macy’s, working with agency partner Carat, we edited assets from the new fall fashion campaign to create compelling short-form content that is customized just for Twitter.

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#Fuel as a part of your Twitter solution
#Fuel is a rapid-response hub to help brand partners develop content strategy, activate creative ideas, and optimize content for the feed, all with a focus on enhancing the consumer experience on Twitter.

For more, contact your Twitter representative.

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Stacy Minero


Global Head of Twitter ArtHouse

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