Introducing Custom Hearts: a New Way to Amplify Your Campaign

By Mike Folgner

Starting today, we are offering brands an immersive and personalized way to integrate their campaigns into video via Custom Hearts on live and on-demand Periscope video. As video continues to play a prominent role in brands’ campaigns and content strategy, activating Custom Hearts is a new way for brands to visually and natively amplify their campaigns within live video.

Periscope hearts are unique to the live video experience on Twitter and Periscope and allow anyone in the audience to engage and show support for the broadcaster by tapping to send hearts. Now, via Custom Hearts, Periscope hearts can be tailored to a brand’s campaign, opening up an organic way for branded content to be present throughout a live experience. Custom Hearts are present throughout the entire video and are sent by the audience by tapping the screen, giving brands an opportunity to capture a high number of engagements and allowing people to express their enthusiasm for the content while amplifying the brand’s message.

How it Works
Custom Hearts provide brands an opportunity to add more branding to their Periscope Broadcasts through custom graphics that display natively amongst standard Periscope hearts and are activated through a specific hashtag in the broadcast’s title. Once activated, the Custom Heart design is then natively mixed in with the standard hearts. Custom Hearts can be used alone or combined with pre-roll ads in brand sponsorships of broadcasts.

Introducing Custom Hearts at the #F8Premiere
NBC Universal is the first brand to integrate custom hearts in live video as part of its campaign for “The Fate of the Furious,” the eighth film in The Fast and Furious series, sharing exclusive looks at the cast, events and experiences surrounding the film. Throughout its broadcasts,@FastFurious has integrated an “F8” Custom Heart for fans to spread the love (tap into the video to see the F8 hearts).

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Check out @FastFurious to watch all of the action while “The Fate of the Furious” premieres around the world.

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