How it started, how it’s going: Performance advertising on Twitter

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

We know there is an opportunity to better equip businesses on Twitter to run advertising campaigns that help them effectively reach their goals, whether that’s driving people to websites or to download mobile apps. We have been hard at work on a roadmap that will help us deliver better performance at a greater scale and establish a more efficient performance-driven advertising business on Twitter. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last year, which include: 

  • Rebuilding our ad platform architecture, which improved the state of our systems and reinforced the foundation of Twitter's ad business.
  • Launching our Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) program, to give advertisers enhanced measurement of Lifetime value.
  • Releasing the new Tweet Composer to help enable faster creative development and iteration. 
  • Adding support of SKAdNetwork, Apple’s attribution service, to attribute installs and provide campaign reporting for iOS 14.
  • Improving our advertising algorithms, such as the launch of Learning Period, which allows our prediction models to learn and optimize campaign delivery. 

This investment in performance advertising also includes expanding the capabilities of our ad formats to enable advertisers with more options to show and tell their brand story, while providing a more intuitive, engaging experience for people on Twitter. We recently redesigned the video controls on our Video Website Cards to make it easier for people to navigate, and launched improvements to our App Cards. 

And today, we’re excited to share the global release of the new and improved Carousel ads, now available to all. 

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Carousel ads are designed to help drive better performance by providing a more immersive and interactive experience for consumers to engage with, as well as enable future opportunities within our Mobile App and Website performance objectives. We are excited to share that this ad format is now available to all advertisers, globally. 

Carousel ads are made up of two to six horizontally swipeable images or videos that drive people to an app or website. Any advertiser can create Carousel ads via Tweet Composer in Ads Manager or via the Ads API, and is able to use them either organically or promoted. The Carousel ad format also includes an edge-to-edge design, 3rd party measurement reporting, accessibility support, and new reporting features, such as swipes within the Carousel and breakdowns to measure individual Carousel card performance. 

We are encouraged by the strong results we saw during our Beta testing: 

  • For Website Carousels, we saw on average, a ~15% increase in click-through rate relative to single-asset formats*.
  • And for App Carousels, we saw on average, a ~24% increase in installs per impression relative to single-asset formats*.

We expect these results to change in general availability, and to vary across different regions, platforms and industries, however it is a positive sign as we release this format globally and continue to invest in performance products. 

What’s next? 

This is an early step in our journey. To build a more effective performance advertising business, we are increasing our investment across various initiatives, including updates to our Mobile App objectives, such as stronger bidding and optimization options, enhancements to the Twitter Website Tag that aim to drive up the accuracy of key advertiser campaign metrics, such as return on ad spend, and improved creative advertising formats. 

We know there’s still a lot more for us to do, but we are encouraged by what we have accomplished thus far and the clear path ahead. We will be updating this page with all our performance-specific developments in the upcoming months, so be sure to check back in! 

More information

To learn more about Carousel ads, please visit this page

*Averages across Image & Video Carousels across iOS & Android compared to single-asset Cards. Website Carousels compared to single-asset Website Cards and App Carousels compared to single-asset App Cards. 


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