Insights Graph ML at Twitter

How we do Graph Machine Learning at Twitter

Infrastructure Rebuilding Twitter’s public API

How Twitter rebuilt its public API v2 from the ground up.

Infrastructure Accelerating ad product development at Twitter

Learn how our Revenue Platform team decomposed Twitter's monolithic AdServer by product verticals to accelerate ad product development at Twitter.

Infrastructure Building Twitter’s ad platform architecture for the future

Learn how our Revenue Platform team re-built Twitter’s Ad Platform Architecture for the future.

Infrastructure Streaming logging pipeline of Home timeline prediction system

Twitter has recently built a streaming logging pipeline that facilitates the Home Timeline ranking model training. The new pipeline not only shortens the latency but also improves the resiliency.

Infrastructure Surviving the Brazilian Reality TV Surge that Pushed Twitter to the Edge

Twitter’s traffic has had a dramatic increase over the course of 2020. South American traffic peaked at roughly 3x our available capacity. We describe how we survived.

Insights A new approach: Metric learning for SplitNet

We explore state-of-the-art metric learning ML techniques recently launched to production which improve ad relevance, helping Twitter better serve the right ad to the right user at the right time.

Infrastructure Reducing search indexing latency to one second

The challenges the Search Infrastructure team at Twitter went through in order to reduce the search indexing latency to one second.

Insights Using machine learning to predict the value of ad requests

Twitter discusses a simple machine learning model that prioritizes ad requests based on how much revenue we expect to make from them.

Infrastructure Deleting data distributed throughout your microservices architecture

Twitter shares tips for deleting data in a microservices architecture using an erasure pipeline.

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