Infrastructure Deterministic Aperture: A distributed, load balancing algorithm

As parts of the Twitter application grow, we can scale demands on capacity by adding more instances or replicas to a respective service cluster (i.e., horizontal scaling)

Insights One pattern to rule them all

A design pattern that can be applied to all service types to increase team productivity.

Insights Improving engagement on digital ads with delayed feedback

A team of machine learning researchers and engineers at Twitter recently tackled the problem of delayed feedback in continuous learning for ads engagement prediction.

Infrastructure #ExpandTheEdge: Making Twitter Faster

Introducing Twitter’s expanding edge network, Google PoPs, and the Control Tower: Twitter’s Traffic Mapping Service.

Open source Introducing Rezolus

Rezolus is a high-resolution systems telemetry agent which helps us to reason about the performance of Twitter’s applications and services. We are excited to release it as open source software.

Infrastructure Navigating to a new

How iteration and a focus on feedback led to a better experience on the new

Infrastructure Behind the scenes: Planning and launching the new

Behind the scenes of launching the new How we created the milestones and incorporated feedback into the process of building the new site.

Infrastructure Make your Twitter truly yours

Introducing the new Twitter customization options and how you can enable them

Infrastructure Creating a User-Centric Web Push Experience on the New

An in-depth look at push notifications on Twitter's PWA examining how we try to minimize the number of notifications in a user's tray, while also providing value about what's happening in real-time

Infrastructure Progressively Enhancing Desktop Devices

On the new, we're responding to more than just a user's screen size. We account for a whole variety of features, like modalities or network status and progressively enhance based on each.

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