Insights Twitter for Mac is coming back!

Twitter is excited to announce that it is going to bring Twitter back to the Mac! Coming later this year!

Infrastructure WebAuthn: The future of device based 2FA at Twitter

WebAuthn is a web authentication standard approved by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and backed by other large technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla.

Infrastructure MetricsDB: TimeSeries Database for storing metrics at Twitter

Using a custom storage backend instead of traditional key value store reduced the overall capacity requirements by a factor of 10. This also reduced latency by a factor of five.

Infrastructure Capping image fidelity on ultra-high resolution devices

Images in timelines on ultra-high resolution devices now load roughly 33% faster while using 1/3rd less data, and with no visible quality change.

Infrastructure Partly Cloudy: Architecture

Another in a series describing how we're migrating parts of the Twitter stack to the cloud, this article describes how we have adapted our on-premises Hadoop architecture to a hybrid cloud approach.

Infrastructure Improving key expiration in Redis

After updating to a new Redis version the Cache team saw a regression. This goes over the investigation and our conclusions.

Infrastructure Partly Cloudy: The start of a journey into the cloud

Recently, Twitter Engineering embarked on an effort to migrate elements of the Twitter stack to the cloud. This article is the first in a series describing that journey.

Insights Gotta catch ’em all

Pattern to keep code clean and to the point for the success path

Infrastructure Native secondary indexing in Manhattan

A Manhattan cluster can contain one or more datasets. Manhattan provides a data model where each record contains a partition key (PKey) and a local key (LKey) mapping to a value.

Insights Twitter’s Kafka adoption story

See why Twitter decided to adopt Kafka as its PubSub system and the challenges we faced during adoption.

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