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Results from Engineering for: November 2012

Discover with a new lens: Twitter cards

As you already know, there’s a myriad of things shared on Twitter every day, and not just 140 characters of text. There are links to breaking news stories, images from current events, and the latest activity from those you follow.


Dimension Independent Similarity Computation (DISCO)

MapReduce is a programming model for processing large data sets, typically used to do distributed computing on clusters of commodity computers. With large amount of processing power at hand, it’s very tempting to solve problems by brute force. However, we often combine clever sampling techniques with the power of MapReduce to extend its utility.


Bolstering our infrastructure

Last night, the world tuned in to Twitter to share the election results as U.S. voters chose a president and settled many other campaigns. Throughout the day, people sent more than 31 million election-related Tweets (which contained certain key terms and relevant hashtags). And as results rolled in, we tracked the surge in election-related Tweets at 327,452 Tweets per minute (TPM). These numbers reflect the largest election-related Twitter conversation during our 6 years of existence, though they don’t capture the total volume of all Tweets yesterday.