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Results from Engineering for: May 2012

Improving performance on

To connect you to information in real time, it’s important for Twitter to be fast. That’s why we’ve been reviewing our entire technology stack to optimize for speed.


Visualize Data Workflows with Ambrose

Last Friday at our Apache Pig Hackathon, we open-sourced Twitter Ambrose, a tool which helps authors of large-scale data workflows keep track of the overall status of a workflow and visualize its progress.


Related Queries and Spelling Corrections in Search

As you may have noticed, searches on, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android now have spelling corrections and related queries next to the search results.


Incubating Apache Mesos

At Twitter, Apache Mesos runs on hundreds of production machines and makes it easier to execute jobs that do everything from running services to handling our analytics workload. For those not familiar with it, the Mesos project originally started as a UC Berkeley research effort. It is now being developed at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), where it just reached its first release inside the Apache Incubator.


Discover: Improved personalization algorithms and real-time indexing

We are beginning to roll out a new version of the Discover tab that is even more personalized for you. We’ve improved our personalization algorithms to incorporate several new signals including the accounts you follow and whom they follow. All of this social data is used to understand your interests and display stories that are relevant to you in real-time.