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Results from Engineering for: February 2014

How To: Objective C Initializer Patterns

Initializer patterns are an important part of good Objective-C, but these best practices are often overlooked. By being more rigorous and conforming to some best practices, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble. In this article, we’ll cover initialization topics in-depth, with examples to demonstrate how things can go wrong.


Netty at Twitter with Finagle

Finagle is our fault tolerant, protocol-agnostic RPC framework built atop Netty. Twitter’s core services are built on Finagle, from backends serving user profile information, Tweets, and timelines to front end API endpoints handling HTTP requests.


Introducing Twitter Data Grants

Today we’re introducing a pilot project we’re calling Twitter Data Grants, through which we’ll give a handful of research institutions access to our public and historical data.