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James Quilter


Editorial Marketing Manager

Best Practices #BrandsTalkTwitter ⁠— PizzaHut

In a new series, #BrandsTalkTwitter, we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how our favourite brands’ on Twitter use the platform to drive conversation. This week we have @pizzahutuk who share some

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Events Eurovision is massive on Twitter - here are the best moments in 2018

Twitter is essential for Eurovision viewing. Here’s a look at how UK viewers Tweeted during Eurovision 2018.

Best Practices Smashing it on Twitter - July’s marketing highlights

Twitter's UK marketing and Brand Strategy teams pick out top campaigns from the previous month that 'smashed it' on Twitter. These include Apple, Nike,...

Events World Cup analysis - it's not just about England

How football fans in the UK jumped onto Twitter to tackle the ins and outs of the Portugal v Spain six-goal classic at the World Cup.

Best Practices Football, crisps, and life-saving advice - 7 creative wins on Twitter

Topic advertising picks for May on Twitter in the UK. This includes great work from SkyBet, RNLI, Irn Bru and more.

Product News Expanding In-Stream Video Ads to more advertisers

Twitter ads instream video to self-service customers.

Best Practices Running, tigers, and ice cream — 8 creative wins on Twitter

Twitter's UK marketing team picks out the best Tweets for the month of April. This includes work from Innocent, Nike, and Ben and Jerrys.

Events 8 ways brands can create Twitter content around the World Cup

Twitter is a great place for football fans to engage in conversation about football. Here we look at how these users and how they use the platform and their views on content.

Events Use Twitter to plug into music festivals and reach their audiences

Twitter plays a major part in the UK music festival scene whatever your music tastes. We look at how popular it is around festivals like the Isle of Wight and Wireless, and who is using it.

Research Parents: how mums and dads interact with brands on Twitter

An in-depth look at how Mums and Dads engage with brands, research products, and view content on Twitter.

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