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Gordon Macmillan


Head of Editorial, Twitter EMEA

Research Twitter unveils groundbreaking study into its audience

Twitter has unveiled a first of its kind research study into understanding its audience in the UK. The study uncovers the communities that thrive on Twitter and drive conversation, and looks at how br

Best Practices #BrandsTalkTwitter ⁠— How Greggs’ cheeky tone of voice paid off

In a new series, #BrandsTalkTwitter, we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how our favourite brands’ on Twitter use the platform to drive conversation. This week we have @greggs.

Best Practices #TwitterWorks: 8 Creative wins in November

This month we have great examples of creativity from brands including Jaguar, Tesco, Sega, John Lewis, Netflix and McDonalds.

Best Practices Smashed it: 10 creative campaigns we loved in October

From gaming to TV and cars and tech, here are @TwitterMktgUK’s top 10 creative campaigns for October.

Best Practices How to launch your campaign on Twitter

These six steps are how you launch your campaign on Twitter using and win. From First View, to Custom Emoji, Promoted Trends, Sponsorships, Niche creators and Video Website cards.

Best Practices Smashing it in September — 6 creative wins on Twitter

In our creative roundup for September, we have great examples of brands using video to land their message, as well as others making excellent use of polls and chatbots.

Events How to smash it with video this Christmas on Twitter

Christmas is not only big on Twitter, but it is also the most talked about calendar event on Twitter with more than 21.4m Tweets. Here are six steps for your brand to win with video on Twitter in 2018

Best Practices Smashing it on Twitter — August’s 7 creative highlights

From entertainment, mobile, automotive and retail sectors, advertisers showed how you to succeed on Twitter using everything from emojis, to live streams and bot.

Events Twitter at #MWC18 - This is what happened

With significant launches from a host of big brands, #MWC18 has been another mobile and tech extravaganza. Throughout it all people have been turning to Twitter. Here's what happened this year.

Research #MWC18: Be what’s happening - Research: Twitter and mobile phone users

As #MWC18 is well underway, new research highlights some of the ways that this audience uses Twitter and that includes how they follow and interact with brands.

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