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The new Twitter Ads center

By @golda
Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Today, we’re excited to share some changes we’ve made to the Twitter Ads center. Based on feedback from our advertisers, we’ve created a revamped experience that improves campaign reporting, provides more visibility into campaign performance, analytics and spend, and also makes it easier to manage campaigns in real time.

The new Twitter Ads center

A major focus of ours is improving campaign analytics. With this in mind, we are now reporting all engagements that Promoted Tweets receive — not just engagements that advertisers pay for, but earned media as well. This change gives marketers more complete insight into the impact Promoted Tweets have in driving engagement and exposure on Twitter.

The new Twitter Ads center

Additionally, in our updated ads center, we now provide advertisers with more granular breakdowns in campaign reporting. Regardless of how a campaign is set up, advertisers will have a clear understanding of how different targetable audience segments engage with Promoted Tweet and Promoted Account campaigns — by device, location, gender and interest.

This visibility helps advertisers manage and optimize existing campaigns more effectively. For example, if a brand sees strong engagement on a specific device type, they can target just that device or make edits to other campaigns to maximize performance directly from their analytics dashboard.

Similarly, we now report on earned media to provide insight into secondary interests beyond those that an advertiser has targeted. As a result, we help advertisers unearth learnings about their most engaged audiences, which they can use to refine marketing strategies both on and off of Twitter.

The new Twitter Ads center

The changes you’ll see today on are part of our ongoing mission to give marketers the tools needed to make the best decisions in order to get the most out of Twitter Ads.

Our team is committed to making the Twitter Ads center valuable for all of our advertisers. We will continue to listen closely to your feedback, and look forward to building upon these changes to further improve the advertising experience with Twitter.

Posted by
Christopher Golda (@golda)
Product Manager, Revenue