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Make your videos work harder with the Video Website Card

By Sean Huang
Tuesday, 17 October 2017

As users have come to expect more personalized interactions with brands, we’re increasingly hearing from brands that they want to create more seamless user experiences for consumers along various stages of the path to conversion. Today we’re introducing the Video Website Card, a creative format that combines the power of video with the ability to drive users back to a site to learn more or take action in the moment.

The Video Website Card is designed to work across a variety of brand objectives, as well as in the gray spaces that often exist between objectives. So whether a brand is pairing the Video Website Card with the high reach of First View to announce a product launch, inviting travelers to click through to learn more about a featured destination, or showcasing game play to drive advance sales of a new video game, the Video Website Card removes friction for the consumer to engage, learn, or convert at their own rate.


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With the Video Website Card, businesses can:

  • Attract qualified consumers with immersive auto-playing video showcasing their brand’s value, product, or service before a person clicks through. Overall in the beta, the Video Website Card achieved a 2X higher clickthrough rate than the industry benchmark for mobile video ads. Gupta Media (@GuptaMedia) partnered across several beta clients, including Republic Records (@RepublicRecords), who used the Video Website Card to drive digital streams of hip-hop artist Aminé’s (@heyamine) debut album “Good For You.”
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The Video Website Card allowed us to utilize eye-catching clips from Aminé’s music video to capture attention in user timelines and link them directly to Spotify where they could listen to the full track. We drove 53K clicks to Spotify at $0.04 cost per click — and saw a bonus 303K video views. Based on the success from campaigns like this one, we expect to incorporate these ads into our strategy whenever possible going forward.

Aaron Bogucki

VP of Digital Media, Republic Records

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  • Extend brand engagement beyond the end of the video with creative designed to drive consumers to your site to learn more or take action. For example, Bank of America (@BofA_Tips) used fun vignettes to showcase the features of its mobile banking app, and directed those who wanted more details back to its site.
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We loved that fan engagement does not end with the video. We could showcase the benefits of the Bank of America app and then allow those who are interested to click and learn more while we’re top of mind. In our campaigns, we were able to drive thousands of incremental visitors to our site

Chris Smith

SVP, Enterprise Social Media Marketing


  • Keep consumers’ attention as they move down the funnel. On mobile, the video anchors to the top of the screen and continues to play while the website loads below it. By bridging this experience, we saw a significant reduction in the number of users who quickly abandoned the site while it was still loading. In fact, beta participants saw an average 60% increase in user retention over industry averages.

Jaguar USA (@JaguarUSA) used this format to hook users with a video featuring the sleek design of the F-type, and then invited them to learn more on their site.


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The Video Website Card allowed us to visually showcase the new 2018 Jaguar F-TYPE and also direct consumers to the site to explore its features and start to build their own. The experience of allowing the user to continue to watch the video while the site loaded was sleek and drove 25% more efficient traffic to our website compared to using a static image.

Brady Fain

Social Media Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover North America

(Source: 1.Twitter internal data; eMarketer video ad CTR benchmark on mobile, Q2 2017; 2. Twitter internal data; Doubleclick 'The Need for Mobile Speed' 2016, comparing % of users who dwell  > 3 seconds after a page starts loading)

The Video Website Card features an auto-playing video, a customizable headline, and destination URL paired with a large tap target. Advertisers can elect to run this creative unit on the video views, website clicks, or awareness objectives to optimize and pay for the action they care about the most. For example, a movie studio that wants to launch a new movie may run the Video Website Card optimizing for video views on the trailer early in the campaign when their primary goal is driving awareness, and optimize for website clicks later in the campaign when the movie is in theatres and their primary goal is ticket sales.  

The Video Website Card is now available to all advertisers globally. Reach out to your account team or visit our Help Center to learn more and get started today at

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