It's our turn #NRW2017


Every Australian generation has achieved something great.

We said Yes to Aboriginal rights 50 years ago during the 1967 Referendum.

We celebrated the justice of the Mabo decision 25 years ago.

We formally Apologised to the Stolen Generations in 2008.

Now it’s our generation’s turn to do something we can be proud of.

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2017’s theme is ‘Let’s take the next steps’. It invites all Australians to reflect on where they are on their reconciliation journey, and what next steps we need to take in order to achieve a truly reconciled Australia.

Amongst all the #NRW2017 activity, there has also been the historic Statement from the Heart presented on Friday, 26 May by the Referendum Council in Uluru.

This Statement brings together the voices of many First Nations’ people and will guide our next steps towards constitutional reform, and recognition of the unique place Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have in the Australian story.

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Kara Hinesley


Head of Public Policy, Australia and New Zealand

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