Events Keep your Twitter account secure

Here are 5 things you need to know about protecting your Twitter account and keeping it safe from being compromised or hacked.

Events Introducing #BloodMatters: a social initiative on blood donation

Twitter seeks to raise awareness and increase blood donations with @BloodDonorsIN by using Twitter Lite to reach people across the entire country, from metros to rural India.

Events Celebrate International Women's Day with women leaders on Twitter

Twitter India rallies support for International Women’s Day with Hindi hashtags, women leaders panel and new #PositionOfStrength workshop

Product Twitter Moments launches in India
Events Twitter launches live stream of Gujarat elections

Twitter is proud to announce today the first live stream of elections from India, as conversations related to the #GujaratElection on Twitter continue to grow.

The Year On Twitter: #ThisHappened in India in 2016
Thank you! Love, Twitter
#Diwali celebrations on Twitter
#Eid al-Fitr Celebration on Twitter
Celebrate the month of fasting with #Ramzan and #Eid
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