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The "everyone" tab (and the survey)

By @BenFullerton
Thursday, 10 April 2008

And following on from yesterdays post: we’ve made another minor change to the web UI. If you log in, you’ll find a new tab is available - the “everyone” tab.

The "everyone" tab (and the survey)

The “everyone” tab is basically what we referred to previously as the public timeline. We’ve moved it down to sit next to your other tabs so that you can keep track of what everyone else on Twitter is saying, making it easier for you to find other interesting people to follow, as well as giving you access to the public timeline without taking you away from your ability to create an update or your sidebar.

You may also have noticed that we briefly had a link to a simple survey where we asked you what you thought about Twitter. We’ve taken it down now as it’s fair to say we were inundated with responses! Thanks to everyone who took part, and we’ll try to share the results soon.