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See Trends for 100 more cities

By @kostas
Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Today, we’re bringing Trends to 100 more cities around the world including Istanbul, Frankfurt, Guadalajara and Incheon. With this update, we now surface the ‘most breaking’ news in more than 200 locations. To view Trends for different locations, just click “Change” in the Trends section.

See Trends for 100 more cities

People around the world turn to Twitter to talk about a range of topics – from football to giving thanks to sharing information and resources during natural disasters and emergencies. This is why Twitter uniquely captures the pulse of the planet, and the pulse of your city: by surfacing the topics that people care about. We’ll continue to add Trends locations so that it’s easy for more people to quickly see what others are talking about, globally and locally.

Posted by Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis (@kostas)
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