Introducing Twitter Engage

By Matt Dennebaum

Twitter Engage, a new companion app for Twitter, is available today and provides real-time data and insights, allowing you to quickly understand, engage, and grow your audiences. As creators, influencers, and public figures, you have a special connection with your followers on Twitter. Through Tweets, you can share content and have conversations with fans and other influencers in real time — and now we’ve made it easier to manage those daily interactions and measure success.

We’ve already heard some excitement from creators about Twitter Engage:

I’m all about apps that make connecting with my fans easier, and Twitter just did it with Twitter Engage. With all of the info I need in one place, I can now spend more time focusing on what’s most important.

Lauren Giraldo@LaurenGiraldo

I love how user-friendly Twitter Engage is. The slick layout makes navigating the app super organized and easy.

Aidan Alexander@Aidan

Never miss a conversation that matters
Twitter Engage surfaces the most important follows and @mentions from influencers and loyal fans, providing an effortless way to stay plugged into Twitter.

Engage Twitter Engage

Understand what’s happening in your network
The app outlines your account performance and audience, providing a convenient and easy way to see your key Twitter stats (e.g likes, Retweets, @mentions and video views), and filter via different time periods. Go even deeper by accessing audience demographics and a real-time feed of what your fans are Tweeting about now.

Understand Twitter Engage

Track your Tweets now
Twitter Engage reviews all of your videos, GIFs, images, and other Twitter activity, allowing you to efficiently track post-by-post performance and continue the conversation around your content.

Posts Twitter Engage

Stay tuned for updates
We’re excited to get the Twitter Engage app into your hands today, but this is only the beginning. We’re already planning integrations with some of our partner brands through our Niche and Vine products.

You can download Twitter Engage today by visiting the App Store (note: Twitter Engage is only available for iOS and in the United States).