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Asked and answered: three important questions for marketing in a connected world

Industry experts share their perspectives at our recent #TwitterForTech event


New research: 8 ways early tech adopters use Twitter

Twitter studied both Twitter users and non-users across five consumer electronics categories, ranging from wide adoption to early adoption, and discovered eight important new insights into technology purchase behavior as it relates to category maturity on Twitter.


Introducing Twitter Brand Hub

New conversation analytics for brands to better understand customers and audiences.


Five tips for using Twitter’s keyword targeting in timeline

Campaign techniques and best practices for keyword targeting in timeline.


Enhanced mobile targeting by device, OS version, wifi

Twitter was born mobile: People reach for Twitter on the couch, on the move, and in the moment. There are 230 million users globally, and 76% access Twitter on a mobile device.


How Twitter users tweet while on holiday - Infographic

Twitter was designed for the mobile phone from the very start, so naturally many of us access it when we are on the move, and increasingly, when we travel, as this infographic highlights.

The infographic is based on new research looking at how British Twitter users use the platform when they travel. It reveals that three quarters of Britons keep tweeting when on holiday, and that as many as 59% access Twitter at least once a day.


Tweet tips: Most effective calls to action on Twitter

One of the top questions we get from businesses is “What should I tweet?” Our typical answer (“Well, it depends…”) isn’t always the most popular answer. But it’s the most honest one.  

After all, your unique goals and your specific audience on Twitter influence what Tweets will be most “effective.” Plus, on Twitter, you are what you tweet. The quality of your content – how interesting, conversational and useful it is – ultimately determines how engaged your followers will be.