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How In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter help marketers tell their story

Twitter’s In-Stream Video Ads drive more views for publishers and allow advertisers to get their messages in front of larger target audiences.


Introducing Custom Hearts: a New Way to Amplify Your Campaign through Live Video

Starting today, we are offering brands an immersive and personalized way to integrate their campaigns into video via Custom Hearts on live and on-demand Periscope video. As video continues to play a prominent role in brands’ campaigns and content strategy, activating Custom Hearts is a new way for brands to visually and natively amplify their campaigns within live video.


Businesses can now share and request locations in Direct Messages

Location sharing in Direct Messages helps businesses connect customer experiences on Twitter to the physical world. Now, it’s easier to build location-aware bots or enable customer service teams to get customers the information they need based on their location.


Expanding Pre-Roll Ads to Periscope Video

As video viewership on Twitter continues to grow, video has become an increasingly important channel for publishers, creators and brands to reach their audiences. Today, we’re introducing a new opportunity for publishers and creators to monetize their content, and for brands to advertise against it, with pre-roll ads on Periscope video within Twitter.


Personalize customer experiences in Direct Messages

Custom profiles in Direct Messages make getting help on Twitter more human and personalized. They can also be used to add context and personality to bots & other automated experiences.


Give it up for the winners of the first annual #TwitterAwards

Winners of the first-ever #TwitterAwards represent the most innovative campaigns in the world.


Speed up customer service with quick replies & welcome messages in Direct Messages

New features in Direct Messages help people get resolutions to customer service requests faster and easier, whether from human support teams or through automated experiences.


Introducing the new Website Conversions objective

Drive cost-efficient conversions at scale with the new Website Conversions objective.


#Promote Ads API Challenge 2016: Announcing the Regional Finalists and Grand Prize Winner

Four companies recognized for building the most innovative Twitter advertising tools during the #Promote Ads API Challenge.


Announcing new customer support features for businesses

We’re launching new customer support features that help users identify which businesses are active and available on Twitter. Support indicators and a message button allow businesses to make it clear what accounts provide support and when customers can get help.