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Building a more inclusive Twitter in 2016

Twitter is where inclusion lives; where movements form, information is shared and change happens, all in real time. The world has seen this with conversations around #BlackLivesMatter, #SheInspiresMe, #LoveIsLove, #OrlandoStrong, #BlackWomenDidThat, and many more. And we are focused on that spirit of inclusion in our workplace too.


The @AustralianOpen is back to light up 2017

Your must follow guide to the amazing tennis action that will be served up during the 2017 #AusOpen.


Check out live 360 video on Twitter

Today, we’re introducing a new way to see what’s happening on Twitter – through live 360 video.

Starting today, you can check out live, interactive 360 videos from interesting broadcasters and explore what’s happening with them. You’ll be able to get an inside look with well-known personalities and go behind the scenes at exclusive events.


Go Live on Twitter!

Live video is the most immersive way to experience what’s happening around the world. From protests and monumental moments to celebrations and things that make us LOL, we’re making it easier for you to broadcast live video - straight from Twitter.



2016 marked a year when people around the world came together on Twitter to celebrate and mourn lives that influenced, lives we lost. Throughout New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco you will begin to see images of these heroes with gratitude for the impact they had, and how we all came together in their memory.


Progress on addressing online abuse

Twitter is the fastest way to see what’s happening and what everyone is talking about. What makes Twitter great is that it’s open to everyone and every opinion. We’ve seen a growing trend of people taking advantage of that openness and using Twitter to be abusive to others.


WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW (Election Edition)

Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about. And right now, there’s no topic being more widely discussed than the U.S. presidential campaign.


What's Happening NOW in NYC

Today, we’ll bring the expression of Twitter in the world out INTO the world.


New Ways to Control Your Experience on Twitter

Some new features to help you control what you see and who you interact with on Twitter


See What's Happening

A few months ago, we set out to understand more deeply the perceptions of Twitter around the world. As we dove into this research, some interesting trends emerged.