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New APIs to power the future of customer engagement in Direct Messages

Today we are opening up access to several new Direct Message APIs so that developers can build better personalized customer experiences at scale. These APIs are designed to help businesses use the entire Twitter platform, from public Tweets to private Direct Messages, to deliver faster, richer, and more engaging human- and bot-powered customer service, marketing, and engagement experiences.

These APIs enable innovative interactions in Direct Messages, like what @United has created for exploring travel.


Introducing the Periscope Producer API

From GoPro cameras and drones to 360 cameras and other external sources, we are passionate about giving people the tools they need to create compelling, interactive live videos.


Announcing embedded timeline support in the official Twitter WordPress plugin

In 2015, we launched the official Twitter plugin for WordPress to help sites powered by WordPress embed Twitter content and grow their audience on Twitter. Today we’re excited to announce an update that makes it even easier than ever to bring fresh, relevant content into your WordPress-powered site.


Quote this! Twitter Kit now displays all common Tweet attachments

New Twitter Kit update handles all Tweet attachments! Quotes, photo sets, video playback and interaction are all wrapped up for you to drop easily into your app.


A new experience for documentation and developer resources

We’re introducing new design, infrastructure, and content for our Twitter Developer website,


Twitter Kit now loops Vine into your apps: a seamless viewing experience

At the start of this year, we extended Twitter Kit’s media support with an enhanced video player and we were delighted to see video and GIFs from Twitter bring the stories in your apps to life. Now, we’re adding Vine support to Twitter Kit too!


Slicker user authentication with Twitter Kit 2.2

Login and authorization are two of the most challenging user interface problems when building an app. Twitter Kit 2.2 adds support for the Safari View Controller to improve the user experience for your users.


Embedding Twitter timelines just got a lot easier

Whether you want to dynamically generate thousands of timelines at once, or you’re just looking for the quickest way to add a single Twitter timeline to your site, we’ve got you covered with three easy new ways to create embedded timelines.


Announcing a new way to monetize your app with Twitter Kit + MoPub

Monetize your app with MoPub ads, now in Twitter Kit timelines.


Twitter Kit 2.0 for iOS brings API refinement and new Tweet details

We’re delighted to announce that we’re releasing Twitter Kit 2.0 for iOS on March 23, with API refinements, a new Tweet detail view, and an important change to how applications request email addresses.