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Developer Policies to Protect People’s Voices on Twitter

API and Gnip

Twitter shows what’s happening in the world at lightning speed, and our Gnip enterprise data products and the Twitter Public APIs make Tweets available in real-time to developers worldwide.


Goodbye Gnip 1.0, Hello Gnip 2.0

This August we announced the general availability of our new Gnip 2.0 APIs and laid out the plan to sunset all Gnip 1.0 endpoints on December 1, 2016.

We’re happy to report that many Gnip customer are now using the 2.0 endpoints, and enjoying the enhancements that come with them.


Harnessing the power of historical Twitter data

Want to understand consumer reaction to the launch of the iPhone 6 when it came out 2 years ago? Looking to understand the evolution of public opinion in Brazil about the Olympics since Rio won the bid back in 2009? Need to analyze the last 3 years of marketing campaigns around Black Friday? The full archive of public Twitter data has 10 years of conversations around almost any topic you can imagine. By analyzing this incredibly rich data set, businesses can uncover key insights to make better decisions.


Gnip 2.0 is here

In December, we announced that we were building Gnip 2.0 — enhanced versions of our core Gnip APIs built with rich new data available in Twitter systems. Today we are excited to announce that 2.0 versions of our full suite of real-time and historical Gnip products are now generally available and ready for all customers to start using.


Gnip's Audience API is now Generally Available

Gnip’s new Audience API is now GA and incorporates a number of customer-requested updates that ease the creation of custom audiences while maintaining a high degree of protection for individual user privacy.


Measuring campaign success with the International Committee of the Red Cross: an Engagement API data story with developer notes

This post explores how we worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and created a sample Engagement API client to better measure - and improve - the performance of the organization’s campaign efforts on Twitter.


Using Twitter as a ‘go-to’ communication channel during severe weather events

At its core, Twitter is a real-time public broadcast channel. These characteristics make Twitter a natural platform for public safety communication and early-warning systems. During serious state-wide Texas rains and flooding over the 2015 Memorial Day Weekend, Twitter organically emerged as the go-to communication channel for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and other federal, state and local agencies. As widespread power outages occurred, Twitter became an essential source for up-to-date meteorological data and agency announcements.


Welcome to Gnip 2.0

Gnip 2.0 improves upon our core API products using rich new data available in Twitter systems.


Instant and complete access to every historical public Tweet

Gnip is releasing a new Full Archive Search API that will allow customers to immediately search for any Tweet in the entire historical archive of public Twitter data.