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Broadcasting the voices of WordPress users, one Tweet at a time

By now, most everyone with an Internet connection has read a WordPress blog or site. With over 76 million sites and 14 billion monthly pageviews, WordPress is possibly the most popular, easy-to-use blogging platforms out there.

We worked with Raanan, SVP at Automattic —the makers of — to integrate the Twitter platform. WordPress users now have a simple way to distribute their content to their Twitter followers and over 240M other people on Twitter. Here’s how this integration worked.


How eBay uses Cards and Twitter Card analytics

Read how eBay is using Twitter Cards to give users a taste of what to expect before they head to their site.


Test accounts with user IDs greater than 32 bits

For a variety of reasons, the numbers used to identify accounts via Twitter’s API grow faster than the actual number of accounts in the system. Currently, user IDs fit in 32 bits—a standard size for integers on many platforms. In January, we explained that the current pace of Twitter user ID allocation meant that we’d exceed 32 bits sometime this year. All developers should make sure their code will handle the switch.