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Posts from Engineering: distributed database

Manhattan software deployments: how we deploy Twitter’s large scale distributed database

We elaborate on the challenges involved in conducting software deployments for our distributed database and share our approach to solving them.


Strong consistency in Manhattan

We explore lessons we learned while adding strong consistency to Manhattan and describe several problems that had to be solved along the way (implementing TTLs in a strongly consistent manner, doing distributed log truncations).


Building DistributedLog: Twitter’s high-performance replicated log service

DistributedLog, a high-performance replicated log service, provides high-level features over Apache BookKeeper such as naming, data segmentation and retention policies, efficient fan-in and fan-out, and geo-replication.


Manhattan, our real-time, multi-tenant distributed database for Twitter scale

Twitter has unique and intensive storage requirements. We built a database, called Manhattan, that meets those requirements and allows self-service access for our engineers.