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Introducing New Ways to Monetize Live Content on Twitter

Incredible moments are shared, discovered and discussed live on Twitter and Periscope every day, and live video is enriching how we experience and participate in those events as they happen. Today, we are introducing a new way for brands to join and add to the Twitter conversation using live video broadcasts and highlights from Periscope.


Ray-Ban’s unique Twitter reveal to culminate music tour

Today, Ray-Ban is launching a special ‘flock to unlock’ Twitter campaign to reveal the headline performer in its Envision Series, a programme of gigs across the UK that feature up-and-coming artists.


How buzz builds around ‘The X Factor’ on Twitter

Twitter and television have proved to be natural partners. This is often highlighted by how conversation builds around some of the most popular shows on TV such as ‘The X Factor’.

As the ITV-Simon Cowell talent juggernaut returned to UK screens on August 31, we looked at how ‘The X Factor’ conversation develops on Twitter and created a dynamic visualisation to tell that story.


Deloitte UK study: Twitter buzz helps drive video game sales

With over 400 million Tweets generated worldwide on a daily basis, Twitter is a platform where people talk about the products and brands that they care about most. How does conversation on Twitter impact purchases offline? Does the general sentiment of people’s conversation matter?


Unforgettable uses Twitter to help drive tune-in during sweeps week

With the football season coming to an end, our favorite television shows are retiring their reruns and touting brand new episodes with climactic plot lines — just in time for February sweeps.


#Super8Secret leads to box office breakthrough

For Steven Spielberg’s and J.J. Abrams’s much anticipated sci-fi thriller, Super 8, Paramount Pictures was challenged with a modest marketing budget in a summer full of huge blockbusters. Their goal: quickly increase awareness and ramp-up box office results for opening weekend.