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Guest post: How Epoxy uses the Twitter video API to increase reach and engagement

Epoxy builds video tools that enable digital content creators and YouTube celebrities to manage their social media presence. In this guest post, Epoxy PM Herry Lian details how Epoxy uses the Twitter video API to grow the audience and social reach.


Guest post: Stitching together the Twitter Kit in the Fabric SDK

The Android platform has missed having an official Twitter SDK for years. As Android developers, we’ve had to rely on third party libraries such as twitter4j to build our various Twitter integrations.


Guest post: Tweet visualization using Tableau, Twitter & Google BigQuery

Today’s guest post comes from our friends at Tableau Jeff Feng, Product Manager, and Ellie Fields, Vice President of Product Marketing. Tableau is a leader in interactive data visualization software, and they will share how Tableau customers use Twitter data to power business decisions in product, support and marketing divisions for their enterprise organizations.


Guest post: Twitter Sign-in with

How uses the node machine spec to make server-side development simple and modular.


Guest post: Analyzing an NHL game through the Twitter APIs

Philadelphia Flyer’s fan Daniel Forsyth (@Daniel_Forsyth1) shared with us how he captures the best moments of his favorite NHL team by tapping directly into the Twitter Streaming API.


Guest post: Understanding users through Twitter data and machine learning

MonkeyLearn is a text mining platform that uses machine learning to help developers easily extract and classify information from text. Here’s how to use the MonkeyLearn API to analyze Twitter data to understand user interests.


Guest Post: Spotify album visualization using Twitter and PubNub data stream

Learn how a PubNub developer advocate explains how to implement Twitter streaming API with PubNub API.


Tweet emotion: real-time Tweet analysis with PubNub Data Stream

In this guest blog post, Tomomi Imura from PubNub explains how their new offering can simplify the consumption of realtime Twitter data.


Guest post: Recordit brings GIFs to Twitter with native OS X integration

At Recordit, our goal is to make capturing and sharing screen captures as fast and easy as possible. When we saw that Twitter opened up GIF support in their API, we couldn’t have been happier.

It only took a few days to integrate Twitter into our Mac app and to scale out our back end for sharing and GIF processing. We’d love to share what we learned about both.

Native Twitter authentication on OS X