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Building and Serving Conversations on Twitter

Some of the most memorable interactions on Twitter occur because of the public conversations that take place on our service. Lately, we’ve been hearing feedback about a complication with these conversations – sometimes, when you reply to a Tweet, you aren’t able to see your reply in the conversation. Due to a longstanding technical capacity limitation, when there is an overwhelming volume of replies to a Tweet, our platform is unable to show all of these replies on the Tweet’s page.


The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale

In the last infrastructure blog post we focused on some of the key efficiency and optimization efforts that we’ve made over the years and in this one, we’ll cover the challenges we’ve had to overcome to scale some of our key services and network.


Omnisearch Index Formats

In this post, we discuss how we have evolved our search technology to accommodate diverse document types, the surprising performance impact of these changes, and how we are using this improved technology to power Twitter’s latest product efforts.


The infrastructure behind Twitter: efficiency and optimization

Our first blog as part of the infrastructure series gives an overview of our data centers and the hardware engineering journey at Twitter.


Search Relevance Infrastructure at Twitter

A behind-the-scenes look at the relevance infrastructure that powers Twitter search quality improvements.


SuperRoot: Launching a High-SLA Production Service at Twitter

Our search infrastructure team is building Omnisearch, a new information retrieval system to power the next generation of relevance-based, personalized products. We recently launched SuperRoot, the first major architectural component of Omnisearch. In this blog post, we detail the path to building and launching a high-SLA production system at Twitter.


Introducing Omnisearch

Our search infrastructure team is building a new information retrieval system to power the next generation of relevance-based, personalized products.


Overview of the Twitter Cloud Platform: Compute

We recently held a meetup event called #compute where our engineers spoke about how we build and operate the Twitter Cloud Platform: Compute at scale


Resilient ad serving at Twitter-scale

“Adaptive quality factor” is a technique used to make the ad server resilient and scalable, and at the same time achieve revenue optimality.


Observability at Twitter: technical overview, part II

As one of the most critical infrastructure at Twitter, Observability provides highly scalable data collection and visualization services. This blog post gives overview of our architecture and shares our experience in developing and operating our systems.