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How we built Twitter Lite

We’re excited to introduce you to Twitter Lite, a Progressive Web App that is available at Twitter Lite is fast and responsive, uses less data, takes up less storage space, and supports push notifications and offline use in modern browsers.


Celebrating over a year of @FlightJS

FlightJS is an evolving JavaScript framework project. See what’s happened since we initially open-sourced it over a year ago.


Bootstrap 3.0

We are thrilled to see the Bootstrap community announce the 3.0 release:


Twitter Typeahead.js: You Autocomplete Me

Twitter typeahead.js is a fast and battle-tested jQuery plugin for auto completion. Today we’re open sourcing the code on GitHub under the MIT license. By sharing a piece of our infrastructure with the open source community, we hope to evolve typeahead.js further with community input.


Introducing Flight: a web application framework

Last year we rolled out a major reimplementation of the Twitter website. In addition to shifting the rendering of our page content to the server (which achieved significant performance gains), we re-envisioned the entire client-side infrastructure with a clean, robust and easy-to-learn framework which we call Flight.


Implementing pushState for

As part of our continuing effort to improve the performance of, we’ve recently implemented pushState. With this change, users experience a perceivable decrease in latency when navigating between sections of; in some cases near zero latency, as we’re now caching responses on the client.