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The brands that won this year’s #SuperBowl

The most discussed brands of the Big Game on Twitter.


Applying event targeting to #Rio2016 and each Olympic sport

As the Olympics approach, event targeting can help you quickly tap into conversations around Rio 2016 (or any other non-Olympics sports).


Connecting with Game Enthusiasts for #E32016 and Beyond

Learn what an active, highly engaged user group gaming enthusiasts are on Twitter and how you can use Twitter to connect with and convert this valuable audience segment prior to #E32016.


Tips for engaging live: how automakers used Periscope at #NYIAS

How two major auto brands used Periscope to connect with fans and debut their newest models at the 2016 New York International Auto Show.


How Neiman Marcus used live video to give customers a front row seat at New York Fashion Week

Neiman Marcus used Periscope, Promoted videos, and Twitter Polls to bring unprecedented coverage of NYFW to its customers on Twitter.


How the North American International Auto Show (#NAIAS) played out on Twitter

Car enthusiasts around the world sent more than 87,000 Tweets in two days about auto reveals from @Ford, @Chrysler, and other manufacturers.


Q&A with Verizon: How a top telecom brand used Periscope and Twitter Amplify during the MTV VMAs


Verizon’s head of social media talks about how Twitter’s live video tools engaged their target audience.


How brands used Promoted Video on Twitter during the #Oscars

The massive Oscar audience became a canvas for a variety of creative campaigns.


How brands won the moment at #NYFW

Vogue Magazine editor Anna Wintour once famously observed about fashion, “It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” The world of fashion is driven by the moment. It’s about what’s current, fresh and hot right this second.

As the Spring 2014 collections hit runways around the globe this month, designers and brands are using Twitter to offer fashion followers world-wide a front row seat in real time.


London Fashion Week drives more buzz than ever on Twitter

Fashionistas across the UK got front row seats on Twitter during London Fashion Week on the back of an unprecedented level of creativity from brands as they found new ways to share the glamour and excitement.

This helped take conversation about #LFW on Twitter to new levels with a rise in tweets of almost 20% this year compared with 2012.