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Piloting new data and functionality to better serve brands

We share our thinking behind early access to new data and more collaborative relationships with ecosystem companies to better serve the customer service needs of brands.


Guest post: Tweet visualization using Tableau, Twitter & Google BigQuery

Today’s guest post comes from our friends at Tableau Jeff Feng, Product Manager, and Ellie Fields, Vice President of Product Marketing. Tableau is a leader in interactive data visualization software, and they will share how Tableau customers use Twitter data to power business decisions in product, support and marketing divisions for their enterprise organizations.


Announcing the Twitter Official Partner Program

We’re combining two incredibly successful Twitter partner programs to help streamline how your business works with Twitter.


Broadcasting the voices of WordPress users, one Tweet at a time

By now, most everyone with an Internet connection has read a WordPress blog or site. With over 76 million sites and 14 billion monthly pageviews, WordPress is possibly the most popular, easy-to-use blogging platforms out there.

We worked with Raanan, SVP at Automattic —the makers of — to integrate the Twitter platform. WordPress users now have a simple way to distribute their content to their Twitter followers and over 240M other people on Twitter. Here’s how this integration worked.


New Twitter Certified Program partners and site

Eighteen months ago, we launched the Twitter Certified Program to showcase the leading products that make Twitter more valuable for businesses. Since then, we’ve grown to 31 partners in the program including Hootsuite, Sysomos, and Wayin. And recently, we’ve added two new products:


Twitter Certified Products Program Expansion

Today, we’re introducing 11 new Twitter Certified Products. Since we introduced the program last summer, our goal has been to help businesses find tools and services that make them more successful on Twitter. To date, Certified Products have been largely U.S.-focused; this new group includes companies from Europe, Japan and Latin America –– extending the program’s global footprint and empowering brands and publishers around the world.