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#Influencer voices: how Bully Pulpit Interactive (@BPIMedia) prepares for landmark moments on Twitter

A digital marketing agency uses Twitter on behalf of its political and non-profit clients to drive big results.


#Influencer voices: How @BeekeeperGroup uses Twitter to shape the conversation about national issues

A D.C. public affairs firm uses Twitter to shape the dialogue about national policy issues and engage with legislators and influencers on behalf of its clients.


#GOPdebate: 9 tips from top advertisers

During the first Republican presidential debate, political advertisers effectively used Twitter event targeting to reach the right audience.


Five tips for brands from #Twitter4Politics

Key insights from last week’s #Twitter4Politics event that are applicable to brands beyond the Beltway who want to build affinity and drive action.


#TwitterDC event: Lessons from #Election2012 and best practices for 2013

This week, our Washington Twitter team convened a #TwitterDC event for advertisers, associations, issue advocacy groups, nonprofits and agencies to share lessons learned from the U.S. presidential election.


How Tweets influence political donations: New Twitter study with Compete

In August, nearly two million Tweets were being sent every week about the presidential candidates. Last Wednesday night, the first 2012 presidential debate sparked more than 10 million Tweets and became the most tweeted event in U.S. politics.


#Election2012: Five tips for Twitter advertisers

The political conversation on Twitter is in full swing with nearly two million Tweets sent about the presidential candidates every week. That’s a significant increase in political Tweets since the last presidential election. In fact, the total number of Tweets sent on Election Day 2008 represent only about six minutes worth of Tweets today.


#TwitterDC event trends nationally

Over the last six years, we’ve seen Twitter become a powerful political tool around the globe. Even in a democratic country like the U.S., Twitter offers citizens and candidates alike a unique platform to make their voices heard in new, transformative ways. Today’s politicians, advocates and media professionals are using the platform as a direct line to voters and a real-time way to take their pulse on key issues.