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A new dashboard to help you monitor and manage your Twitter account

Today, we’re continuing to roll out to all users the Twitter data dashboard — a new tool to help you monitor and manage your account.


User security and national security surveillance reform

Our support for strengthening a federal bill to restore the confidence of Internet users domestically and around the world, while keeping citizens safe.


Keeping your Twitter account safe

Protect your account and restore access with greater ease: introducing a streamlined password reset experience and improved detection of suspicious logins.


SMS follow issue (and fix) for protected accounts

We were alerted to and fixed a bug in our system that, for 94,287 protected accounts under rare circumstances, allowed non-approved followers to receive protected tweets via SMS or push notifications since November 2013. As part of the bug fix, we’ve removed all of these unapproved follows, and taken steps to protect against this kind of bug in the future.


Improvements to login verification, photos and more

Today’s Twitter for iOS and Android updates let you enroll in login verification and approve login requests directly from your mobile app. Now, in addition to the SMS-based login verification that we released in May, you can use login verification without relying on text messages.


Getting started with login verification

Every day, a growing number of people log in to Twitter. Usually these login attempts come from the genuine account owners, but we occasionally hear from people whose accounts have been compromised by email phishing schemes or a breach of password data elsewhere on the web.