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How humour on Twitter was key to success for @ArenaFlowers

Tone of voice can be crucial on Twitter and for brands that get it right, success can pay dividends in terms of followers and engagement, which was the experience of seven-year-old online business Arena Flowers.


Why CEOs should be on Twitter

A recent survey carried out by Brandfog found that the vast majority of people trust a company more if the chief executive officer actively engages with social media. It was a point echoed by the three CEOs who appeared on stage at the recent Twitter event #TweetsFromTheTop.


Guardian says Twitter surpassing other social media for breaking news traffic

Andrew Miller, Guardian News & Media CEO, says that Twitter is driving more referral traffic for key breaking news stories to The Guardian than other social media platforms.

Speaking at the recent #TweetsFromTheTop Twitter event for chief executives, Miller (@AndrewMiller100) says 10% of the newspaper’s traffic now comes from social media, and that Twitter is central to its efforts.