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Empowering our community through digital literacy and meaningful connections at Twitter NeighborNest

Learn what the Twitter NeighborNest has meant to our employees and community members.


Cultivating digital citizenship among youth and parents at Twitter NeighborNest

Learn how Twitter is partnering with United Playaz to help youth and parents in the local community to stay smart and safe online.


#BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge @ Twitter HQ

On September 9th, Twitter Women and Womeng hosted AOL’s #BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge, a pitch competition for tech-based projects built by girls and judged by girls, for the second year in a row. BUILTBYGIRLS (@BUILTBYGIRLS) equips today’s young woman to take her place in the tech-enabled economy through internships, workshops, competitions, and online content.


#TweetToTransform: using Twitter to save lives

The phenomenal growth of Twitter is an unmatched opportunity for humanitarians. Oxfam India’s collaboration with Twitter to bring best practices through the #TweetToTransform forum contributes to this cause.


Treehouse Lab at Twitter NeighborNest: fostering coding for all

Over the last eight weeks, Twitter NeighborNest and Bay Area Video Coalition (@BAVC) have been helping new learners from the Tenderloin, South of Market and the Mission District to gain free access to get a handle on the basics of coding. The idea for this collaboration came as a suggestion from the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (@sfoewd).


Digital Rights Foundation launches campaign to combat violence and harassment against women in Pakistan

The Digital Rights Foundation is an organization that endeavors to promote safe online spaces for women in Pakistan. They recently launched Hamara Internet (@hamarainternet), a campaign to address violence against women and to provide support to those facing online harassment and abuse.


Taking families a step closer to digital literacy at Twitter NeighborNest

Learn how Twitter NeighborNest is partnering with Community Technology Network to increase technology access and training for low-income families.


Nesting: families make Twitter NeighborNest home away from homelessness

Well before the doors of the NeighborNest opened, Twitter and Compass Family Services (@compasssf) knew families would need to feel welcomed, safe, and supported in order for the space to be a success. In particular, planners of the technology learning center knew childcare would be vitally important. Family-oriented programs like Music & Movement and Family Story Hour, which were already in place for Compass families, were brought over to the new space when the doors opened.


HeartMob creates an online support network for individuals facing harassment


HeartMob is a platform that promotes internet safety by providing support to those facing incidents of online harassment.


Coding for Kids program at Twitter NeighborNest

The Twitter NeighborNest is running Coding for Kids, a program that introduces local children to analytical thinking through technology. Why? Twitter HQ is located in mid-Market next to San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, one of the city’s poorest. Our hypothesis is that by leveraging Twitter’s mentors to teach local children to think analytically and critically, we can prepare them for school and adulthood.