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Results from Twitter for Good for: April 2014

Our first #nonprofitfair

More than 25 local organizations attended our first nonprofit fair to discuss their work in the community and connect with employees interested in helping out.


Marking Earth Day close to home

This Earth Day, we’re thinking about reducing food waste. To help people in need obtain fresh, healthy food, we work with a local organization called Food Runners.


Marking National Volunteer Week

Our San Francisco office was closed today to accommodate team moves to new spaces within our building. Rather than work from home or take the day off, 50 or so of our employees took advantage of the time out of the office for a bit of community service. Coincidentally, this is National Volunteer Week


Support for Fort Hood shooting victims

On April 2, the military base at Fort Hood in Texas was torn apart by the second mass casualty shooting in five years. Three people plus the shooter died, and 16 people sustained injuries, some of whom remain critical. Earlier this week, President Obama and the First Lady attended services in Killeen, Texas honoring those who were killed.