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Results from Twitter for Good for: September 2016

Coding for Kids program at Twitter NeighborNest

The Twitter NeighborNest is running Coding for Kids, a program that introduces local children to analytical thinking through technology. Why? Twitter HQ is located in mid-Market next to San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, one of the city’s poorest. Our hypothesis is that by leveraging Twitter’s mentors to teach local children to think analytically and critically, we can prepare them for school and adulthood.


Twitter for Nonprofits program at NeighborNest

Here is how the Twitter for Nonprofits program at NeighborNest is amplifying the work of organizations and creating connections.


Twitter NeighborNest: how we learn, connect, and grow together

Let’s take a big picture look at the programs offered at the NeighborNest, Twitter’s family-friendly tech learning center.